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The following testimonials are from the emails and letters of our customers. They have been edited only for punctuation, spelling and clarity, or to protect the anonymity of our customers.

Diana posted something on your Wall and wrote: "Kudos to Janie's Cakes. I ordered one last week. It was my first, we got the Italian Jane and it was THE BEST! I know I will order many more. Thank you for exceeding my expectations. I'll be ordering one for my sister in OHIO. Saw you on Texas Country Reporter." - Diana from Gainesville, Texas.


“I impulse-purchased one of your pound cakes from Whole Foods last December. It was wonderful!” - Vicki W.


“I wanted to share with you my delight with my first Plain Jane! My husband surprised me with your pound cake that he had delivered yesterday. He learned about you on a recent Texas Country Reporter episode. I appreciate and value home baked goods and your pound cake was wonderful and the packaging was darling. My favorite gift to give or receive are made from scratch cakes. It made my day! Thank you.” - Tonie B. from Texas


“This is the second order we placed with your company. It arrived packaged in such a beautiful box and the cake was wonderful. Thank you for doing such a good job and making a wonderful product that anyone would love to receive.” - Glenda from Texas

“I enjoyed your Chocolate Amour cake today immensely. The cake's texture, the silky but substantial icing, and the freshness were unbelievable. And, a pretty cake is nice to receive. And, the chocolate icing in the center was heavenly. Our cousins in Tyler send these delicious and beautifully packaged (blue and yellow with the happy stripes) cakes to our Grandmother. We've also enjoyed the Italian Jane. I have no doubt that the lemon curd cake would be amazingly good, too. What a nice treat this was for Mother's Day for both of us. Thanks for making such a good product. When I looked at the ingredients, I thought the cake would be good, but surely the recipe and especially the cook has everything to do with it. Keep on baking!” - Shirley P. from Georgia

From the mother of a soldier in Iraq - “I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for all you and Janie's Cakes did to give my son Luke a little taste of home on his birthday.  Until today, I didn't know if he even received the cake or if it was lost somewhere in the mail.  Luke e-mailed me and said..(these are his exact words) "Yes, I got the cake and it was awesome!  They sent this Cinnamon Butter Cream that was freaking ridiculous!   You have never had anything so good, it smelled like Christmas.  I gave pieces of the cake to like 15 guys, they all loved it."  Words can't begin to describe how truly grateful I am for all you did.   Again, from a Mother's heart, I thank all of you.” - Cheryl F.


“Your cake was a hit!  I will be ordering more cakes and passing on your web site to my friends.  Love to find quality!” - Stephanie Z.

“Just got a comment from the cake I just sent....He said it was the best he has ever had! He was impressed with the packaging. So let me say thank you, and I will send my Christmas gift list after Thanksgiving. After I get everyone a cake, then I will try one myself!”
- Rosemary L.

“You must receive emails all the time but I wanted to let you know that you have the BEST cakes I have ever had. The cakes are packaged well and always received fresh and ready to eat. The only complaint I have is the pounds that it puts on my back end (because I cannot just eat one slice). I order the cakes for special events or holidays. Everyone in my family loves them. I really like the fact that I am supporting a company here in Texas. Keep up the good work!” - Susan L.


“We just had our 2nd or 3rd Janie's cake. My cousin and his wife bring one for our family Thanksgivng celebration on the Colorado River. This time we had Tart Jane--absolutely wonderful. This one was in honor of my parents 68th wedding Anniversary.” - Janie from Eagle Lake


“Thank you for making such a great product.” - Penny B. from Texas


“Hi Janie! Love your cakes and packaging. I was visiting in November and stopped in and picked up a lemon cake....wonderful.” - Kathy A. from California


“One of my husband's patients gave him a Janie's Cake as a thank you and it is to die for!  Oh my gosh, it is the best cake I have ever had.” - AnnMarie C.


“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed using you all for my insurance clients.” - Susana G. from Texas

“Awesome! What great customer service Janie’s has. Thank you again!” - Audrey D. from Texas


“Your pound cakes are amazing! So glad we found you. From the cake to the packaging-your company is first-rate! Happy holidays.” - Kathy From Texas


“I saw the Texas Country Reporter story about Janie's Cakes and I ordered 3 Italian Janes. All three were a huge hit. One of my nieces got a taste of the cake at her mom's house and she asked for one for her 20th birthday next week. That's all she wanted and it was delivered yesterday. Needless to say, she was more than thrilled! Thank you Janie for all that you do!!!!!!! We feel very fortunate to have Janie's Cakes in our lives and have shared them with lots of friends and family across the country. We look forward to many more orders and many more cakes for us.” - Cindy S.


“Your cakes are fabulous!!!” - Stacey


“Some Texas friends bring back Janie's cakes when they visit home. They recently introduced us to your wonderful product. The homemade nature of your cakes reminded me of one my old maid aunt used to make. She would make her own delicious pound cake in a stem pan and then pour the hole full of homemade caramel frosting. When you run out of varieties, there's a new one to try.” - Bob L. from Virginia


“Hi, Janie. I am currently serving in Afghanistan with the national Guard Unit located there in Tyler. My grandmother's Sundayschool class sent me one of your pound cakes. I shared with the medics working with me. I want to tell you that it was the best thing that we have eaten since being here in Afghanistan. It made our days. Thank you!” - Scotti S. from Texas


"I just served the Janie's Cake for my daughter's Confirmation dinner. To DIE for!!! My husband went for seconds (which he NEVER does) and pronounced it "worthy." Thanks for sharing it with me, everyone loved it!!" - Beverly from Texas


“My kids in Virginia were just thrilled with their cake, kuddos to you and your staff!” - Brenda S.


“I love your cakes, they make great gifts and everyone that has received one loves them too.” - Dianne C.


“Love the cakes and the boxes are so pretty!”  - Sheryl from Texas


“Our family LOVES your cakes!  You have a wonderful product.” - Jimmye from Texas


“Hi! I was just going to tell you that the Plain Janie was very good I loved it! Good Job!” - Parker


“Thanks for the best cakes! You are pleasing friends from Shreveport, LA to Dover, DE to Pittsburg, PA”  - Cindy from Texas


“Simple, elegant, delicious, terrific!  Janie's Cakes does a terrific job with your all-natural, made from scratch pound cakes. (Yum!)  I was very impressed by your very informative and beautifully designed web site.  I was astounded by your entire presentation, from your fillings to your signature yellow and white striped box with periwinkle ribbon.  Your unique branding and nationwide services tell a fascinating story, especially considering that proceeds from sales directly benefit your Rockin' C Ranch.  Your commitment to giving back is truly admirable.”  - Daren from Texas


“I've been ordering these cakes for gifts for the past few years ... they are absolutely wonderful!”  - Linda from Texas


“I love your lemon curd!!!!!”  - Natalie from Ohio


“My wife and I were watching TV the other day and out of the blue she says 'I want one of those Janie's Cakes like your Mother had'.  This will make her very happy for her Birthday.  Thank you.” - Lee from Texas


“I Received one as a gift! LOVED IT!” – Annie from Arkansas


“Janie's Cakes are the reason I live!!” - Terri from Texas


“Well, I believe and the rest of the staff here believes that was the best cake we have ever had! From the sound of it you have definitely made some new customers. Thank you guys, it was a nice treat at the end of a long day.”  – Kevin from Tyler


“This was a very easy website and order form to follow. Thanks!” - Roberta from TN


“I was glad to be reminded of your wonderful cakes while watching Texas Country Reporter last Sunday.  I also bought a small one at Whole Foods San Antonio for the weekend.”  - Carolyn from Texas


“My sister just sent us one of your cakes.  It was Delicious!!!!  It tasted like it just came right out of the oven.  I am hooked. This was the first time I have had any of your cakes.  Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!” - Pamella from Texas


“The cake was delicious.  We then saw the piece on Texas Country Reporter and just had to order a cake.” - Roschelle from Texas


“Everyone loves your cakes!”   - Nelda from Texas


“I am so glad the cakes are at whole foods!!  They are so YUMMY!!”  - Kathy from Oklahoma


“All your cakes are wonderful!”  - Mona from Texas


“My dear friend just sent me your Italian Cake for Christmas.  WOW!!!  It is delicious!” - Janna from Texas


“We received our cake and let me tell you…..if that isn't one of the best cakes I've ever eaten!  Fabulous!!!  Thanks again!” – Pat from Connecticut


“I have ordered from you guys before and your cakes are wonderful!!”  - Teresa from Arkansas


“Got it! Brought it to the office to celebrate with 2 co-workers whose birthdays are the same week as mine. Everyone Looooooved it! I think you'll see a few more orders from Houston soon.  Thanks for the great service!!!!!!!”  - Stacie from Texas


“Your cakes are divine!” - Becky from Texas


“A TV station in Texas sent us one of your delicious cakes, what a treat.  Although the cake was as good as it gets, as an ad agency we especially appreciated the detail and style in your packaging. Thank you and keep making those great cakes!!” - David from Alabama


"I am a true fan of Janie's Cakes. I first received one as a client of Texas Monthly and have been hooked ever since. They are always my go-to gift that always gets rave reviews. Your packaging is upscale and unique, and when people receive it they are excited before they even get to the delicious cake. Then they are beside themselves! Thanks, again, for such a wonderful product!"  - Kasie from Texas

"Your cakes are full of such love and sunshine, I know it will bring a smile to my friend."  - Devon from Austin

"I received a cake as a gift from Texas Monthly last spring. We had done some advertising in TM. The cake was fabulous – and the packaging was adorable!"  - Charlotte from Houston

"These are such fabulous gifts! Thank you for making us look good!" - Melanie from Texas

"These cakes are a HUGE hit with our clients!" - Clare from Texas


"I was just diagnosed with asthma, and your pound cakes are the only things I can taste that "still taste" the same while being on two different life sustaining inhalers. Needless to say, they brighten my day with the beautiful presentation boxes and still taste as wonderful as always. Thank you so much for your delicious cakes Janie! A forever customer." - Tonya from South Carolina

"This was without a doubt THE most delicious cake I have EVER had!"  - Jean from Arkansas

"I absolutely LOVE your cakes. One of my local favorites." - Honesty from Texas

"Love your cakes and their presentation too."  – Karen from Tennessee

"My husband just received the wonderful pound cake from you and what a pleasant surprise it was. I introduced him to Janie's Cakes last year and he's been hooked ever since. We order often and will certainly continue to because your product is so great!" - Cindy & Don from Texas

"Hi, Janie! Thank you so much for the Italian Jane cake. We received it today...and right in time for our employees to enjoy after lunch! What a lovely and generous surprise. Let me also take this opportunity to tell you that we thoroughly enjoy working with you all - your employees are always helpful and pleasant, and our holiday cakes are ready just as promised every year. We will continue to use you for our holiday gift-giving needs and will recommend you to anyone needing an extra special cake. Thanks again, Janie!"  - Stephanie from Texas


"Thank you for my delcious cakes! I ordered some for my grandmother and mother-in-law for Mother's day and they loved them!  Thank you again!"  - Penny


"Your cakes are delicious!"  - Barbara from Texas

"We ordered a "Plain Jane" pound cake two weeks ago, turned around and ordered our second one last week and today we're back for two more! It seems too simple to say what everyone else says but it's so true...this is the best tasting pound cake we've EVER eaten. It's delectable and moist to the last bite. Nothing can compare. Grandma's didn't taste this good! It has that "something-something" ingredient that's addictive. Once you try it...you just can't seem to get enough. After sharing some of our (mine and my husband's) second cake with my family my Uncle Mike says 'This cake is so good, it could be dangerously addictive!' That's truly how I felt! Now that we've introduced my whole family to Janie's Cakes...my husband and I will continue to be happy, lifelong customers sharing your cakes with the ones we love. Thank you so much for all the love, caring and natural ingredients you put in to your mouthwatering masterpieces."  - Tonya M. from South Carolina 


"This cake is so good, it could be dangerously addictive!"  - Uncle Mike from South Carolina


“I read about your cakes in Southern Living Magazine a while back. I purchased the Saucy Jane with chocolate filling today at Whole Foods in Plano, TX. The cake is incredible! Thank you for selling your cakes in our area. Besides the incredible flavor, the packaging and instructions on serving make it worth every penny we spent on it. I'm just glad I still have my gym membership to work off the pounds I'll put on eating it.”  - S. H.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be definitely finding out where my local Whole Foods Market is to get a Saucy Jane. I had a tiny taste of your cake and have been dying ever since to have the whole cake! It was awesome. I just hope there's a Saucy Jane waiting for me when I get there.”  :) - Kris P.


“I received my delicious lemon ‘Tart Jane’ cake via Fed-Ex this afternoon. My daughter ordered it for me last week after checking with you regarding artificial colors. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to find such a nice treat that will not send me to the hospital due to a food allergy. I am looking forward to my next order.”  - Jerry from Houston


“I think your cakes are wonderful! I send them to my mom back east and she just enjoys them all to herself!”  - Monica from Montana


“I bought one last Thanksgiving and let my family believe that I baked it. My mother, who makes the best pound cake in the world, was truly impressed with 'my' cake. I finally told them the truth. :) This has become my offical celebration cake! Can I tell how much I'd really rather not share?” :)  - Linda from New Jersey


“Your site was very user friendly. Thank you.”  - Barbara from Texas


“Janie, I don't understand why my 'Plain Jane' is almost gone! haha! No one to blame but me, I hid it from my husband! Your promptness in delivery is much appreciated.”  -  Melodie


“Thank you for delivering the cake I ordered for my daughter’s birthday in such a timely manner! She was delighted!” – Leslie H.


“I received a surprise cake and this is by far the best cake I have ever tasted! Everyone in the office loved it—you have a true gift! Thanks!”  - Holly from San Antonio, Texas

“Just received my first 'Plain Jane' and immediately ate two pieces! It's wonderful and much like the ones I remember as a kid growing up in El Campo, TX. Thanks for a great product! I will be ordering more for myself and friends!”  - Melodie M. from Michigan

"This is great way to send birthday cake when you can not be there to cook it."  - Lynne from Texas

"A surprise gift is always fun. But your beautiful boxed presentation really blows them away—even before they get to the cake!  I love sending these!" - Jerene from Nebraska

"Thank you! My husband and I received one of your Cinnamon cakes last Christmas and absolutely loved it! We can't rave enough about them—from the beautiful presentation to the quality of taste—absolutely outstanding."  - Patricia from Austin, Texas

"Thank you for making my gift giving easy! I LOVE giving these as gifts!"  - Rhonda from Texas


"The best pound cakes ever!"  - Amy from Maryland


"Thank you for this great and original product!"  - Sally from Texas

"Your cakes are great. You have great cakes and great customer service. It felt like I was speaking to the owner. My mother, sister and brother said the cake was excellent! Thanks for the wonderful cakes and world class customer service. I will be a customer for life and tell everyone I know about your cakes. Thank you."  - Teresa from Florida

"The cakes are so delicious and my daughter and her husband who gave me two are receiving this one. Their birthday's are on the same day and they will be delighted to finally receive their own."  - Barbara from Texas

"Thank you so much for getting my order out so fast. My daughter-in-law received her 'birthday cake' on her birthday! Much to her surprise, she always wanted to try one of your cakes. Needless to say it was a big hit! Thanks again." - Michele from Texas

"Just a note to tell you how delicious and beautifully presented your lemon pound cake was that I received last week. I received it Tuesday, refrigerated it until Saturday morning, and served it around noon yesterday. It was 'just out of the oven' fresh."  - Vicky from Texas

"Oh my goodness! It is WONDERFUL! I really wanted to stick to a diet but your cake won’t let me! It is sooo tasty! I will definitely use you for business and personal! Thanks again!"  - Amy from Texas

"It arrived 2 minutes ago, we ate half already. Oh my gosh, love the cake. Can't wait to try another..... Yum yum yum!"  - Jennifer and staff from Illinois


“Fabulously delicious! I loved the Italian Jane cake! I treasured each sweet crumb. I’m sure I will order cakes for my friends in the near future.”  - Mary Ann from Illinois

"I just received my first Janie's Cake! I loved it! I have one word—divine! And the yellow, white, and blue packaging is precious! It made my day!" -Tavaner from Texas


"I received one of your cakes for Christmas and it is absolutely the best cake I have ever eaten.  Thanks so much!" - Karen from Texas

"Congratulations on making the best tasting pound cake I have ever had.  It is always a thrill to give these as gifts and to receive them as well."  - Grace from Colorado

"The cake you sent us was incredible.  We have received many compliments from our relatives and friends who we sent cakes to.  We will definately keep you in mind when we need to send out something special."  - Christy from Texas

"This is the best pound cake I have ever had!"  -Joe from New York

"I met Janie at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antique Fair in November and I bought two cakes there.  I loved them as did the friends I shared them with.  I will continue to order.  Thank you!"  - Cindy from Illinois


"I travel all over the country and tell everyone about how wonderful these cakes are.  I order them when there is a reason to celebrate with my business partners who are located all over the country.  I've ordered four this year and it's only February!"  - Janis from Texas

"It must be the most delicious cake I've ever eaten.  It is true that Janie really does make her cakes from scratch.  I had no idea it was going to be that good.  Thank you for the remarkable cake!" - Ann from Texas

"We recently ordered one of your pound cakes to be sent to my son.  He spent his birthday stationed in Afghanistan.  He was able to call us to tell us that he received the cake, and it was one of the best-tasting cakes he's ever had!  He was able to share it with other guys celebrating December birthdays over there.  He even commented on the explanation of the ingredients, and the nice box.  Thank you for helping to make our son's birthday a much brighter day!"  - Lorrie and Ken from Massachusetts

"Another repeat customer! Great gift idea!  Love the cakes!"-Darci from Pennsylvania

"Thanks again for making this year's Christmas shopping so easy.  When our assistant tried the cake, she just about broke down in tears.  She said it was exactly like her grandfather's cake she loved so much and for the last 5 years has not been able to find that taste - until now.  She was so happy!"  - Charles from Mississippi

"Your cakes are awesome! I didn't even think I liked pound cakes—then I took a bite—now I'm hooked!"  - Elissa from Texas


"We send one to John's grandmother every year.  She shares it with all her friends at her retirement community and they RAVE about it!  Who wouldn't?  Janie makes the best cakes EVER!"  -Ashley from Texas

"My mother received the cake I sent and she loved it!! I couldn't be there to make her a cake so this was so special.  Thank you very, very much!" - Gail from Colorado


"The pound cakes are awesome.  I keep sending them for gifts and always get rave reviews.  Keep up the good work!" - Allison C. from Louisiana

"Thank you! Great customer service! I will definitely use you again, and tell everyone how great you guys are!"  - Karin from Texas

"I was at the Country Living Magazine show at the Chicago Botanic Garden and tasted one of your cakes—it was amazing!"  - Mari from Illinois

"The cake was FABULOUS! Everyone raved about! The packaging was most handsome and you all at Janie's are the best. Your cheerful, positive attitude made it a delightful experience. Of course, every last morsel has disappeared.  I will indeed be a faithful customer." – Jennifer from Texas


"Wow, is that 'Italian Jane' just about the best thing I have ever tasted! Thanks so much for such a fantastically, wonderful product and for the very speedy delivery!"- Shirley from Texas

"These Cakes are the greatest!" - Ken from Texas

"I Just want you to know that the cake arrived here in New Hampshire in excellent condition and was really great tasting.  My co-workers and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am a cake baker myself from way back so I know a good cake when I taste it."  -Sharon from New Hampshire

"I ordered a birthday cake for my brother in Florida and it arrived spot on the day, and he was thrilled.  My brother is a chef. Your Italian cake was a spectacular hit with him.  Thank You!"   -Darlene from New Jersey


"I just wanted to thank you for the DELICIOUS cake you sent us!  It was fabulous with that wonderful packaging! Thanks so much!" - Michele from New York


"I ordered and just received your Italian Jane Pound cake  from QVC and it is wonderful.  It was very moist and the creme filling is delicious.  I plan to try your other cakes soon.  Keep up the good work."  - Pat from Tennessee

“I want you to know everybody in my office is raving over your pound cakes!  Thank you so much for your prompt service. I will be a very longtime customer." —Maryann from Texas


"I just ordered a pound cake and wanted to tell you that your website is fantastic! Very attractive and easy to use." —Shannon from Texas


Customer service is paramount at Janie’s Cakes. We’re not perfect, but we strive for perfection. The following are emails we received after fixing a problem.


“Hi Janie: I contacted your company a few days ago to inform you of a possible problem with a cake I received as a Christmas gift. How surprised I was when yesterday a box arrived with a replacement cake. We had a slice last evening and wow. It was great. Thank you so much for standing behind the quality of your product. With this kind of business ethic you will always succeed.” - Ray from Dallas, Texas


“Thank you so much for the refund, the quick reply, and your honesty. I will order more from you and you set the excellence bar for how all companies should be managed. Thank you again and I shall refer all my friends to you.” - Gloria M.





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