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Janie's Homemade Pound Cakes, Homemade Taste From All Natural Ingredients

"It is true thrift to use the best ingredients available and to waste nothing."  -James Beard


The following is an actual email exchange between Janie and a customer:

Dear Janie,  


I tried several of your cakes and I'm very anxious to enjoy your delicious cakes again! My mother has severe allergies to artificial coloring and I would like to verify that the products I wish to purchase do not have any artificial yellow nor red. Since she has heard my raves, she would love to try your cakes but I wanted to be certain that she wouldn't have a reaction.  


Many thanks,



Dear Stacey,


You've come to the right place. Every ingredient I use in my products is either all-natural or organic. I do not and will not use artificial colorings, flavorings, additives, preservatives or any other chemicals in my cakes or curds. I have carefully selected what I consider to be the finest ingredients from the most reputable companies in the USA. So please rest assured that my products will not have artificial yellow or red food colorings in them (or anything else artificial in them for that matter!). Let me know if you have any other questions.  


Yours truly,  


So, what do you get when you combine the world's finest ingredients with time-tested recipes and expert baking? You get the World's Finest Pound Cakes!

Janie starts with the world's finest, all-natural ingredients, uses her great-grandmother's homemade pound cake recipe and, based on a lifetime of experience, bakes every cake to perfection. 

The result is the world's finest pound cake. Guaranteed. The following are just some of the ingredients Janie uses in her cakes, sauces and curds.


Farm Fresh Eggs = Farm Fresh Flavor

Others may use the term but at Janie's Cakes we actually use farm fresh eggs in our cakes. In fact, Janie raises her own chickens (she has over 300 happy laying hens!) and collects the farm fresh eggs each morning to bake her cakes. You can tell the difference. It's a fact, pampered farm-raised chickens lay tastier eggs than their cooped-up commercial counterparts! Try one of our cakes and taste real farm freshness.

To supplement her own eggs Janie also uses Farmer's Harvest brand cage-free eggs.

Farm Fresh Eggs Part of the Recipe

Artificial Vanilla Flavoring vs. Pure Vanilla Extract

"Artificial vanillin is made from either guaiacol or from lignin, a constituent of wood which is a byproduct of the paper industry."  Source - Wickipedia

Because of the high price of real vanilla extract most bakers use cheaper artificial vanilla flavoring in their products. Not at Janie's Cakes. Janie uses only pure organic Madagascar vanilla bean extract from 100-year-old Nielsen-Massey® Vanillas.

Vanilla is just one more important example of how Janie will not compromise the quality of her pound cakes because of the high cost of an essential ingredient.


Pure Vanilla Extract

Quality Flour = Quality Pound Cakes

The primary ingredient of any cake is flour. That's why at Janie's Cakes we use only the best unbleached flour available—King Arthur Special Flour®.

Established in 1790, King Arthur® Flour is America's oldest flour company.  For over two centuries its products have remained free from chemical additives. It's the only flour Janie will use in her pound cakes.


Quality Flour in our Cakes

Cane Sugar vs. Syrups and Chemicals

Janie uses real pure cane sugar in her pound cakes. Because of cost, many bakers have moved to cheaper corn-based syrups and artificial sweeteners. Many of these are laced with chemicals, anti-clumping agents and preservatives.

Imperial® Sugar, Texas' oldest sugar company, has been producing pure sugar from sugar cane for over 150 years. It's Janie's choice brand.


Real Sugar for our Homemade Pound Cakes

Cream and Butter vs. Oil and Margarine

Real dairy creams and butters are expensive. Today, many bakers cut cost by using dairy substitutes such as oils or margarines. But when it comes to taste and texture every discriminating gourmand knows that there is no substitute for real dairy cream and Grade AA butter. Janie will never settle for anything but the real thing.

Fresh Butter for our Butter Pound Cakes

Chocolate = Heaven on Earth!

The best chocolate in the world, like the best chocolate Pound cakes, comes from companies that use small-batch, artisan manufacturing methods to create their products. That’s why Janie’s Cakes has chosen Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker as its supplier of organic chocolate.

Scharffen Berger is one of only 12 companies in the United States which manufactures chocolate from scratch, controlling every step of the manufacturing process, from sourcing the beans to molding the bars. That kind of quality and attention to detail produces a chocolate flavor that must be tasted to be believed and makes Scharffen Berger a perfect match for Janie’s Cakes!


Finest Chocolate for our Chocolate Pound Cakes

Organics vs. Genetics

When provided a choice Janie chooses all-natural organic ingredients over their genetically engineered counterparts.

In our quest to find the best ingredients for our cakes we discovered this Texas company.  Rio Grande Organics is a small organic outfit consisting of 450 acres of pecan trees that produces some of the best pecans we have ever tasted.  Their penchant for quality makes them a perfect fit for Janie's Cakes.




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